Strategy, UX, Design 

Dashcube was originally developed as a collaboration tool to let you do everything in one place. Chat, video, tasks, notes, email, time management and other things. The technical foundation is advanced, but the interaction model and design was a cockpit of confusing choices and made the product unusable. I was brought in to design and develop a new approach so the product could become more viable to deploy to market. 

Over the course of six months I tackled multiple challenges. I developed a new product strategy which included audience and competitive research, new product positioning and on-site research and engagements with Dashcube clients to further influence the direction of the product. Since the Dashcube product was already deployed to several clients I needed to address immediate pain points in the user experience so I quickly designed a “facelift” to the original product. This helped buy some time so I could reimagine and redesign the system. 

Trying to bring together a bunch of tools in one place is a challenge, but after hundreds of hours of sketches, concepts and prototypes I ultimately designed an approach that was easier to use, takes advantages and enhances the technology that was developed and makes the product a viable solution for enterprise communication needs.