Strategy, UX, Design 

I was tasked with designing and developing a digital engagement platform that gives people new and innovative ways to enjoy, learn about, and share commentary about the music and musicians during a live concert experience. The platform included several components, an audience IOS and Android app, a client broadcaster tablet app and two enterprise content management systems to mange data and assets. I provide an end-to-end solution including product strategy, user experience, design, development and deployment of the new platform.

For the audience app I designed an interaction model that provides a full screen immersive experience were users could simply swipe through content and when needed be presented with interaction options. A darker color palette and EnCue’s Custom Dark Screen Technology ™ and Glance- Optimized Media™ that reduces the glare from your screen was utilized to keep the experience from being a distraction during a concert. The broadcaster app for tablets, which is used by a client to broadcast and manage the media experience during the concert, was designed to be a simple, easy-to-use, interactive timeline of the concert and synced media assets.   

To support the experience, I also designed and developed two enterprise level content management systems, the EnCue Admin CMS and EnCue-Opus Client CMS. The EnCue administration system manages all client accounts, financial and analytical data. The EnCue-Opus client system allows the client to set up, manage and broadcast performance presentations. The system includes tools to upload and develop custom text, images and templates for the performance presentation.